Butterfly-friendly planter for Walled Gardens of Cannington

The Walled Gardens of Cannington recently received a donation from Woodblocx in the form of a butterfly-shaped planter for the Tea Rooms’ courtyard designed to attract butterflies.


The display has been planted up with the help of Butterfly Conservation, a charity trying to halt the decline of butterflies and moths by running programmes for more than 100 threatened species and managing over 30 nature reserves.


The planter was constructed by volunteers at the Walled Gardens of Cannington and Horticulture student Reuben Hardman designed the planting scheme comprising Ice Plant, Lavender, Creeping Thyme, Viper's-bugloss and Verbena, all of which attract butterflies.


Jayne Alcock, Grounds and Gardens Supervisor said, “Butterflies are an important link in the food chain and play an important pollination role when they visit nectar rich plants. Gardeners can contribute towards their survival by providing habitat and food for caterpillars, perhaps allowing a few nettles and thistles to grow or letting a patch of lawn grow long and adding a few native wildflowers. A few butterfly species have caterpillars that are garden pests, but most do not cause any damage in gardens.”


Alan Hold from Butterfly Conservation said, “I am delighted the planter has been placed in the Cannington Walled Gardens in support of the important work Butterfly Conservation carries out. The future of many of our butterflies is threatened by the continual loss of suitable habitat in our countryside, making our gardens important mini ‘nature reserves’ that provide valuable sources of nectar for our vulnerable butterflies and bees. The garden staff will ensure that a carefully planned planting scheme will provide a colourful display of plants supplying essential nectar for a range of insects from early spring to late summer. It is hoped that visitors to the gardens will be encouraged to include many of the plants displayed in the planter in their own gardens, so that they can enjoy the delight of visiting butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.”

Butterfly planter