The Walled Gardens Rehome Rescue Hedgehogs

The Walled Gardens of Cannington recently welcomed five rescue hedgehogs from Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, who will now live within the Gardens.


The Gardens took in three juvenile hedgehogs, two male, one female and two adult hedgehogs, one male and one female. It is hoped that they will form a colony and continue to thrive within their new, safe environment. With luck the hedgehogs will breed, and any youngsters will be relocated to new and suitable habitats to boost the wild populations which are currently under threat.


The hedgehogs have been rescued from various locations, with the adult male being rescued after being spray painted and the three juveniles being found abandoned in the only hedge left within a dangerous building development. The Walled Gardens are the perfect location for them, representing a large, enclosed environment where they will be free to wander around during the night when there are no visitors, with plenty of dark, cool areas to sleep during the day. Secret World has also donated five hedgehog houses so each hedgehog can have its own space, as they are naturally solitary animals.


Sara Cowen, Animal Care Manager at Secret World said, “We hope to reintroduce as many of our hedgehogs as possible back into the wild so it is great to be able to rehome these hedgehogs in a safe environment, where hopefully they will be able to thrive and form their own colony.”


Jayne Alcock, Grounds and Gardens Supervisor said, “We were delighted to receive the call from Secret World asking us if we were able house some hedgehogs. We felt it was important to take part in the effort to safeguard the future of this important British mammal. Hedgehogs are known affectionately as the “Gardener’s Friend” as they eat slugs, snails, insects, insect larvae, beetles, and fallen fruit. We have been feeding them cat food and providing water to help them settle into their new environment. We hope to create a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the Gardens’ newest inhabitants.”

Hedgehog rehoming