The Walled Gardens of Cannington Hosts Maltese Twinning Event

Bridgwater College’s The Walled Gardens of Cannington recently held a Maltese twinning event, where the Maltese National Plant, Palaeocyanus Crassifoloius, was planted in the Mediterranean area of the Botanical Glasshouse, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of signing the twinning agreement.

The flower, which roughly translates to sea ears, was grown by the Vice Chairman of the Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association, who is originally from Malta. Guests included the Deputy Mayor, Alex Glassford, members of the town council, previous mayors, members of the other twinned towns in Bridgwatwer, and all the members of the Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association. After the planting, the group sampled a traditional cream tea in the Tea Room.

The group are now hoping to take a British plant to Malta, to plant when the Twinning Association visits Marsa in October, if the Ministry of Agriculture allows importation.

Pat Morgan, Secretary Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association said, “Thank you for the fitting conclusion of a very successful weekend to celebrate Bridgwater's twinned towns. We hope that under the expert care of The Walled Gardens’ team that the plants will perhaps one day flower.”

Jayne Alcock, Grounds and Gardens Supervisor at The Walled Gardens of Cannington said, “It was a pleasure to have the Twinning event take place here at the Gardens. I’m looking forward to seeing the plant flower and thinking about a plant the Twinning Association can take with them to Malta later in the year!”

Bridgwater Marsa Twinning EventBridgwater Marsa Twinning Event