New for 2016

We are excited to announce a range of new features for 2016, some of them have been in progress for a number of months, or in some case years! We hope you enjoy them when you visit.

Our Deschampsia collection has been awarded National Collection status by plant conservation charity, Plant Heritage. Receiving the status has been a process of collecting plants and cataloguing them over the last two years. Visitors can find the Deschampsia, as well as the other two collections, of Santolina and Monarda, which are in development, in the Collections Garden (number 8 on the map). Read more about it here.

We have two newly designed borders for our visitors to admire (numbers 18 and 19 on the map). The multi-million pound refurbishment of the Grade 1 listed Cannington Court is now complete and The Royal Entrance has been planted up in oranges and purples, giving a vibrant and warm welcome to our visitors. Our Priory Border is planted up in a calming combination of cool colours, providing interest from spring, through to the darker days of the year.

A new Aquaponics Centre has been built in the Botanical Glasshouse (number 10 on the map), which is where aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) are combined so that fish and plants grow together in one integrated system.

Wedding venue hire! We are now taking bookings for hiring our facilities for weddings. Please contact Bridgwater College’s Conferencing and Commercial Training Manager on 01278 655065 for more information.