Master Performance in Floristry (February 2011)

Last Saturday was a bright, sunshine-filled day, which set the mood perfectly for the spring floral demonstration given by Neil Bain, Master Florist, in Clifford Hall - a magnificent building within the grounds of The Walled Gardens of Cannington.

An audience of more than fifty attended to watch Neil create a series of different floral designs which he explained to the audience as he worked. The show commenced with a luxurious spring hand-tied bouquet that was bursting with Narcissi, Tulips, Genista and mixed foliage surrounded by a circular collar of Contorted Willow.

Other pieces included a traditional basket arrangement, a display of Tulips working their way through a cage of Willow woven together with shredded Phormium Tenax and an impromptu design using recycled materials. The finale was the construction of a large screen created using Eucalyptus bark, Cornus twigs and Camellia with exquisite French Tulips that wound through the structure.

"I love the Spring," says Neil. "There are so many beautiful flowers and plants at this time of year. However, I love all the seasons equally as each one offers florists, flower arrangers, floral artists and gardeners different rewards, inspiration and opportunities. Being able to show people how they can use what the season has to offer is so rewarding - the audience have been really inspired and can take away some new ideas for their own designs."

The event was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon - gaining an insight into the use of spring flowers for the home and as decorations for events and functions. Neil shared lots of knowledge and information with the audience, his passion for working with flowers, foliages and nature obvious. Many members of the audience said that they themselves now felt inspired to create and design floral arrangements and look at materials in their own gardens in different ways.

All the designs were raffled to the audience, who gasped, cheered and applauded those whose numbers were drawn, whilst waiting in anticipation of being the next lucky recipient to take home a floral display.

If you are interested in floristry, flower arrangement, gardening, grow your own and other horticulture related subjects you will find the Cannington Horticultural Group of interest. This is a new group formed to share knowledge, information and ideas on horticulture and floristry, using the facilities and expertise at Bridgwater College's Cannington Centre. Come to the group's launch on Saturday, 19 March at 11am at The Walled Gardens of Cannington. For further information, please contact Chris Hill on 01278 655042.