Staff help save the Large Blue Butterfly (Sept 2011)

Staff and students at Bridgwater College are helping to play a part in saving the endangered Large Blue Butterfly.

Working in partnership with the Butterfly Conservation, the national charity dedicated to saving butterflies and moths, the staff and students will be helping to grow thyme plants collected from secret sites around the South West. The thyme plants are the food plant of the Large Blue butterfly and without them, the caterpillars of the butterflies cannot survive.

The thyme plants were delivered to the College's Walled Gardens where they will be separated and potted. They will then be grown until they are big enough for the students to plant back out on the secret sites in Somerset.

Walled Gardens Manager Chris Hill said "It was a nervous moment when we took delivery of the plants, knowing that we had the future of this project in our hands. I am confident that we will be able to provide lots of healthy and vigorous plants for replanting next spring.”

Caroline Kelly, Conservation Officer for Butterfly Conservation added,“We are really lucky to have funding from SITA to help ‘Expand the Large Blue in the Polden Hills’. It is also really exciting to have a local college involved and we hope that this will be the start of a fabulous new relationship.”